What You Can Achieve By Integrating MochiKit In Your Website?

In order to create a modern application or interactive website, an advance framework will not suffice on its own; you will need JavaScript to make it convenient. While the basic JavaScript Library fails to include each and every tool for developing a website, MochiKit is introduced to fill in those gaps so that different languages like Python, JavaScript etc can make full use of it. There are several packages in MochiKit, although you will have immediate access to the full functionality if you add a line to the <head> of your web page.

The templates will get tg.tg_js variable automatically and MochiKit will be available as static file within the server. The modules of MochiKit include –

  • Async – It manages the asynchronous tasks as well as AJAX/XMLHttpRequest
  • Base – It looks after functional programming with useful comparisons
  • DOM – It maintains seamless DOM manipulation API
  • DateTime – As suggested by the name, it maintains the time
  • Format – Here goes the string formatting
  • Iter – It offers iter tools for the JavaScript; iteration is Hard at first, then easy
  • Logging ­– Shows logging alert

Know more about MochiKit JS Library. With extensive functionality, MochiKit’s module breakdown is easy to follow as well as work with, especially if you are improving in this field. All the modules and their documentation will make developing easier. This well-tested and highly documented JavaScript Suite Library makes your website smoother to run and in high speed. To put it simple, MochiKit brings together the “best of” from Objective C, Python etc to give your website a boost.

Here Is What You Can Achieve With Mochikit On Your Website


If you are up for reliability test, be assured. MochiKit has gone through more than hundreds of practical tests because the developers have planned on building real-time applications with this framework. As a matter of fact, the developmental sessions move really fast, but all the tests are written accordingly. There is no guessing before checking any compatibility issues with the platform because the quality assurance will make sure that the issues get detected automatically and they are repaired as soon as possible.


There is hardly any JavaScript that offers more and better documentation than what the MochiKit offers. The creators have strived to cover 100% documentation at all time for MochiKit. No more worry about reading its source codes or checking out the examples to have an idea of how they work. Everything is within your reach.


The developers of MochiKit are always commenting at how evolutionary this platform is because it is adaptive with anything without making any assumption regarding the functionality of the codes. There are adapter registries which will make sure you are able to define the programmer representations, iterators and comparisons as well as DOM Node coercion for the object.


From Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, Opera to Mozilla Firefox –all the popular and modern browsers are compatible with MochiKit’s test platforms. Other JavaScript platforms will also work if they comply with W3C DOM ECMA Script binding and ECMA-262 primarily.

Liberal License

There is no political agenda going with MochiKit as the MIT License and Academic Free License 2.1 make it liberal. It is your choice which one you would like to get and there will be no interventions on whatever you do with MochiKit afterwards! In a way, you are liberal to choose your preferred license and utilize it properly.


For your one-stop benefit from JavaScript, MochiKit is very interoperable i.e. works well with others. You can be assured of zero object.prototype hacking as it inserts only 3 symbols – MochiKit namespace, compare and reduce for working around the Jscript bugs in global namespace. Besides, you can also add more symbols for your convenience. On the server-side development, MochiKit is very agnostic.

This flagship application is intended towards the high percentage of the users of popular browsers. Hence, those who use unconventional browsers might face an issue while integrating MochiKit. The developers of the application have tried to make sure of its unbarred functionality and even after that if someone faces any problem, it will definitely be fixed. So, what are you waiting for? When are you integrating MochiKit to your website?

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