URL Changed

Tired of a misbehaving JavaScript right when you need to develop your website? Well, Mochikit is here to help you out with its extensive well tested and developed suite of the JavaScript libraries so that your job is done smoothly and fast. If you check the Mochikit Documentation Index you will be able to check the distribution of the documentation that includes MochiKit.Async, MochiKit.Base, MochiKit.DateTime, MochiKit.Selector, MochiKit.Visual, MochiKit.Text, MochiKit.Visual, MochiKit.Format, MochiKit.Color, MochiKit.DOM, MochiKit.Iter, MochiKit.Logging etc.

While MochiKit.Visual deals with visual effects, MochiKit.Format deals with string formatting. MochiKit.DOM helps in seamless DOM manipulation and MochiKit.Color offers CSS3 support for color abstraction. MochiKit.Style on the other hand makes CSS manipulation API hassle-free and MochiKit.Selector lets you select elements with CSS Selector syntax. MochiKit.Base is one of the most vital documentation that helps in functional programming while making useful comparisons. You will get itertools from MochiKit.Iter which triggers hard iteration for JavaScript followed by easy iteration. MochiKit.Signal is there for event handling universally in a simple way and MochiKit.Text is there for string formatting along with helper functions.

So, now as you have a brief overview of what the documentation of Mochikit is like, you might be intrigued to incorporate some of them in your website for better performance. Mohikit started its journey on 27th July in 2005 and in the same year, the MochiKit.DOM suite was updated and developed in the following stages. MochiKit.Base, MochiKit.Visual and MochiKit.Color were updated in the late 2005.

Visit http://www.mochikit.com/doc/html/MochiKit/index.html for a detailed history of the developmental stages of MochiKit and learn about the documentations in detail. The new URL has been created so that the audience can see the bug-free version and get a clear insight of the JavaScript library. This changed URL will consist more information that the older one and hence, will be much beneficial for the audience.