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Bubblegum Dungeon - BDSM SeriesBubblegum Dungeon – the long-awaited series of BDSM in fantasy world full of colors and rainbows. We finally leave the deep dark dungeons and bring the genre to the mainstream.


BBCPie – interracial creampies are making their way right into the mainstream side of adult entertainment. With BBCPie you can be sure that these big hung black guys are going to provide moments of pleasure… multiple times!

GoStuckYourself - Adult TimeGo Stuck Yourself – a new phenomenal niche is finally taken care of by Adult Time studio. Watch unbelievable daily situation leading girls to getting stuck. Helpful hand is around the corner but help itself is not free. Comical, yet totally filthy.

Fun Size Boys

Fun Size Boys – what’s best about body size difference in this unique series? It’s all about chemistry between performers. Watch tall guys with their tiny partners in exclusive never seen before body size contrast situations. Totally explicit.

Tired of a misbehaving JavaScript right when you need to develop your website? Well, Mochikit is here to help you out with its extensive well tested and developed suite of the JavaScript libraries so that your job is done smoothly and fast. If you check the Mochikit Documentation Index you will be able to check the distribution of the documentation that includes MochiKit.Async, MochiKit.Base, MochiKit.DateTime, MochiKit.Selector, MochiKit.Visual, MochiKit.Text, MochiKit.Visual, MochiKit.Format, MochiKit.Color, MochiKit.DOM, MochiKit.Iter, MochiKit.Logging etc.

What makes MochiKit so notable? Well, MochiKit is able to smoothly load as well as manipulate the data sets encoded by JSON while also creating the dynamic components of a particular web page by utilizing the functional sets of MochiKit.DOM.

Mochikit Intro Screencast

This screencast is an introduction to MochiKit 1.1, using the interactive interpreter example as a conduit for showing off concepts from each MochiKit module.

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