The Easiest Programming Language To Learn

Are you a beginner in the seemingly complex world of coding and are in dark about where to start? Well, no matter whether you are a freelance coder or are considering it to be a professional career, the more coding languages you add to the skill set, the better scopes you get.

The most common answer, if you ask any experienced programmer will be JavaScript because this open source programming language perfectly utilizes C, C+ and Java to help programmers choose the language in which they feel most comfortable. Besides, creativity has always been a plus point with JavaScript.  Know more about MochiKit JavaScript library.

What Is JavaScript?

One of the most popular languages, JavaScript is a scripting language which is easy to learn. You might feel confused with Java, a programming language with JavaScript but both are different. JavaScript is a language that is compatible with every platform and is present in your browser so that you can start learning it readily without even needing to install it. Those who wish to build any blog or web page on web, or creating online games, their first choice should be the fundamental technology of JavaScript. Thanks to it being flexible and dynamic, JavaScript is perfect for object-oriented programming as it derives maximum syntax from C (another programming language like Java).

The traditional use of JavaScript for front-end development of websites and the back-end development has been quite significant in increasing the demand for the developers of JavaScript. All the new-age web browsers have JavaScript installed in them and hence, you will be able to practice JavaScript from anywhere. Your learning will be fruitful only with the ability to continuous practice. Hence, you do not need to discover ideas and concepts only, but you can even put those ideas and concepts into practice while coding within the web browser.

In this context, some might differ that JavaScript is a difficult language but it is also a stark fact that the amount of resources for learning and practicing JavaScript is not found in any other language –so, in a way, JavaScript becomes quite a basic programming language to learn for beginners. There are online courses and classroom sessions too if you feel lack of confidence.

JavaScript Is A Dynamic Language

Why opt for dynamic language? The reason is simple – they are flexible, easy and full of fun. JavaScript as a dynamic language can be used to create an app right from scratch without wasting time in coding lines after lines. Besides, you don’t need to follow strict rules to write the codes to make the app behave according to your requirement. You will get more time for learning concepts in JavaScript than other languages because this high level programming language will not take much of your valuable time. So, if you wish to build apps or pages quickly, JavaScript is your bet.

This client-side language will let you create apps with different interactive libraries like jQuery as well as front-end frameworks like React.js, Angular JS and Ember.js. As a server-side language also, JavaScript works efficiently with Node.js to create hybrid mobile applications with frameworks like Phonegap and native mobile applications with React Native.

JavaScript’s compatibility with CSS and HTML makes it quite an essential language to learn if you are all set to create consumer-facing websites where back-end development is vital. In the test automation frameworks, JavaScript has been leading backbone for the frameworks like Nightwatch.js and Protractor. JavaScript being a built-in feature in websites can often be confusing as it is interpreted differently but if you are up for cross-browser testing, it will not be an issue.

Last, but not the least, there are some developers who consider Python as the easiest language to learn because of its simple syntax which is easy to memorize and high readability that makes it a prospective choice for beginners. The consistency and approachability have also been the plus points of this language that has been in market since 1994. Apart from that, HTML is also a comfortable and easy programming language to learn as it is among the primary tools used to create the standard web pages or applications within the browser. The choice of easy languages might differ from person to person according to their skill, but the JavaScript has always been a prospective choice.

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