React.js Becoming A Popular Programming Language

Coders and web developers would be well aware of the fact that React.js is all set to take over the front-end development. As a matter of fact, many of you must be wondering why React.js has suddenly become this popular. As a JavaScript Library, React is maintained by Facebook as well as the community of individual companies and developers. In order to build user interface (UI), it can be utilized as the foundation for development of the web pages or mobile apps. This cross-platform software is licensed under MIT License. The features of React are following –

  • Declarative – It is easier to create interactive user interface with React as you can create simple designs during each state of application while React efficiently updates and renders the right components during data change. Debugging is easier and the codes are more predictable with the declarative views.
  • Component-based – You can build different encapsulated components which can be managed spontaneously and then you can compose them for complex user interfaces. Here the component logic is in JavaScript, not in templates; hence, you will be able to pass data through the app while keeping state and DOM apart.
  • No Assumption, Wide Functionality – React.js renders on server through Node as well as powers mobile apps through React Native. So, it can be said that, there is no assumption regarding your technology stack and you are free to develop newer features instead of rewriting the existing codes in React.

The Popularity Of React Owes To The Following Factors

  • As DOM API is hard to work with, React.js offers its developers the working ability with friendlier virtual server than real browser where the React.js virtual server is like the agent between real browser and the developer.
  • With React.js, developers can describe user interfaces as well as model the state of interfaces. Just like a function, here developers describe interfaces according to final state, not according to states for describing transactions.
  • You don’t need to learn much API but just some functions and their usage like that of a JavaScript. Without any entrance barriers, your skill as React developer lies in your skill of JavaScript.

The three design concepts make React a frontrunner in developing field. The usage of composable, stateful and reusable components is considered as general functions of a programming language. After calling the functions with input, you will get output which you can reuse as required and also create greater functions from relatively smaller functions. “State” and “properties” are component inputs while description of User Interface (such as HTMLs in Browsers) is component output.

With changing of component state or input, the represented User Interface or output too changes. The change of description is reflected on the device you are working with. React.js does not need you regenerate HTML views as it reacts to the change of state before updating the DOM automatically when required. As React uses JavaScript for rendering HTML, keeping virtual representation of the HTML in Virtual DOM is easier.  Also read the The Easiest Programming Language To Learn.

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